GCSSA History

GCSSA is an unincorporated association, not-for-profit, organized under a Constitution adopted on January 11, 1966. Its membership consists of superintendents from school districts, career centers, educational service centers and boards of developmental disabilities located in various counties in northern Ohio. The organization was originally created as the Cuyahoga County Superintendents’ Association, but changed its name in 1973 to reflect the growing membership from surrounding counties.

GCSSA started the Cooperative Purchasing Program, Lake Erie Educational Media Consortium (LEEMC), NEOLEX and Chemical Abuse Reduced by Education. The Cooperative Purchasing, LEEMC and NEOLEX, now known as Legal Hotline, programs are now operated by Ohio Schools Council. Project CARE, which it came to be, has dissolved.

The purpose of this organization is

  • to improve the educational programs and operations of the school districts of member superintendents;
  • to improve the status of school superintendents;
  • to initiate programs;
  • to influence educational policy and trends;
  • to establish positions on issues and problems;
  • to speak for the superintendents of the Association as a group;
  • to cooperate with professional organizations and other groups of the area, state, and nation in improving the educational opportunities of the children; and
  • to protect the interests of free public education.

Download GCSSA Constitution